Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wishing For Another Kill?

VP Joe Biden (BiteMe) says, he “wishes for another high-profile victim” to head up an anti-gun organization, like James Brady, former White House spokesman, or another lawmaker (Gabby Giffords) getting shot at a campaign stop. He thinks such an occurrence would help make “gun control” possible. I guess he never thought about the “inconvenience” of getting shot. Maybe he ought to be the next one, so he then could see how it feels (I’m not suggesting someone shoot him). But if he thought about it in personal terms, maybe he’d think differently. Joe is “gaffe-prone,” and for that reason, nobody should take seriously anything he says. But he’s also vice-president, so they do. Somebody needs to put a sock in his mouth to shut him up. (Guns Save Lives)

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