Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pen Guns

We’re not talking tear gas, here. We’re talking easily hidden guns that shoot real bullets. They were invented in the “anti-gun paradise,” Australia, where gun crime went up 300% after they banned all guns following a particularly nasty shooting. They’re selling them to biker gangs by the dozen, under the table. “The James Bond-inspired weapons are made to look like pens, key rings and mobile phones. Police will allege Shane Kemp, 27, made eight-centimetre pens with the ability to shoot bullets from common items sold at hardware stores.” The ingenuity of criminals knows no bounds. As I’ve always maintained, they will ALWAYS find a way to get their guns while honest people are denied the right to their use and are thus defenseless. They’re crude, and have a high percent chance of blowing up in the user’s hand, but CAN kill at close range. How long, do you suppose, before these unreliable guns (25% liable to blow up in your hand) come here? (Sydney Morning Herald)

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