Sunday, October 26, 2014

Why Do I Love Guns?

I don’t. That’s a MYTH engendered by anti-gun fools because I have a pro-gun blog (The Unarmed Citizen”). I am AGAINST "gun control." At least, the kind of “gun control” pushed by the people now making laws that do nothing but DISARM honest people and make them defenseless against armed criminals, who have no trouble getting their guns in a back alley somewhere, out of another criminal’s car trunk. Do I “love guns?” NO. Even pro-gun people think I do, or should, as witness the fact that I was asked recently to write a blog entry about my love of guns and my fervent wish to own one of the guns he sells on his web site. But I don’t “love guns.” I don’t even OWN a gun, because I don’t want future gun grabbers to have another address to go to and “take away” (steal) a gun. I’m not AFRAID of guns, as some gun-grabbers are.

I have other weapons of self-defense. But I don’t “love guns.” I merely believe in the RIGHT to own guns for self-defense; something that is GUARANTEED by the Constitution, which is the BASIS for all of our laws. Meanwhile, the “gun-grabbers” do everything they can to “get around” that guarantee and make it as hard as possible to even BUY a gun. So we must become criminals ourselves, to HAVE a gun with which to defend ourselves from illegally armed criminals. Of course, the main problem with that is the possibility of buying a gun that has previously been used in a crime, while becoming criminals, ourselves. I don’t want to take that chance. So I’ll concentrate on defending myself with other weapons. (Just common sense)

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