Friday, October 31, 2014

Against Violence, Huh?

Nichole Adreno and Emanuel Velez, both large people, are leaders in an “anti-violence” group and when they found out Joshua Magraff had burglarized their home to retrieve some of his possessions they would not return to him, they “teamed up” to beat him almost to death. These are people who demonstrate against violence? I guess the only violence they don’t like is that not committed by themselves. Unfortunately, like most “demonstrators” against violence and guns, they don’t include themselves in what they’re demonstrating against. Like Sen. Feinstein, the “queen of gun-grabbers,” who carries her own gun, and that state legislator in Missouri who has sponsored many “anti-gun measures, who was found to be armed when she was arrested while demonstrating in favor of that giant thug, Michael Brown. Then there’s the columnist who has written many diatribes against people carrying guns who shot a burglar who tried to rob him. They’re hypocrites. I hate to use that word so often, but it’s the only one I can use to properly describe such people. (Guns Save Life)

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