Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gun-Free Zones Work: Right?

WRONG! This nine-year-old child got shot in the head by a stray bullet fired in a “gang-related shooting,” IN a "gun-free zone." “Gang-related” is code for “will never be solved.” Now they want to make laws to stop this sort of thing. Here's a clue, folks: there are ALREADY laws to stop this sort of thing on the books. They don’t work, because they are aimed at the GUN, rather than the fools that have them, illegally. This child was shot IN a “gun-free zone” by kids who CANNOT legally own, or use guns. Of what use were the current laws against this? This case merely serves to prove—again—that “gun-free zones” are a damned fool notion that DON’T WORK, and will NEVER work. They are unconstitutional on their face. The Constitution says, NO LAW shall be made to limit the ownership and use of guns for American citizens. These laws do that, by limiting the places where guns can BE. And they are an INVITATION to people who obey NO laws, to “come on in and shoot us up.” The guns used here were illegal to begin with, so what good would ANY law like these do in “stopping gun violence?” Further, the whole thing happened in one of the tightest gun law areas in the nation. “Nuff said. (My Fox DC)

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