Monday, October 20, 2014

Durham NC Gets It Right (Finally)

In 1925, in obvious violation of the Constitution, the Durham City Council decreed that gun purchasers must “register their guns” with the County Clerk. This was a “Jim Crow era” law made so the government could keep track of who buys and has guns. It was a localized version of what liberals want for the entire country. It’s WRONG, and it’s unconstitutional. And “wiser heads” decided recently to repeal it, and destroy 100 years ‘ worth of records of gun purchasers, against the whines of anti-gun fools. But the “wiser heads” prevailed, and the records were shredded. As this story says, “Nowhere in the constitution does it say when you buy a gun, that purchase must be recorded in a database.” Gun rights activists know this; liberals don’t get it. and the idea needs to be enforced nationwide. (Right to Bear)

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