Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anti-Gun Hysteria Kills Two

That’s “anti-gun hysteria” couples with “gun ignorance” on the part of a cop, who mistakenly identified a BB gun for an AR-15 and immediately killed a boy who was just looking at the bb gun while talking on the phone. Then the mother of a child nearby died of a heart attack while watching this death. Everybody involved, except for the victim, was in the wrong. From the one who called the cops to the cop, himself. It is this kind of hysteria that is responsible for school “officials” suspending students for pointing their fingers, playing like they’re guns, and other students for chewing a pop-tart in the shape of a gun, to a kid who drew a PICTURE of a gun. It leads to ignorance such as this, and gets people killed. The other way anti-gun hysteria kills people is by keeping guns out of the hands of honest, reliable people so they’re defenseless when a criminal comes at them with his ILLEGAL gun. (The Dana Show)

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