Saturday, October 4, 2014

Criticized By Muslims

Jan Morgan, the woman who owns the gun range where Muslims are no longer allowed, gives an excellent list of reasons why what she did in banning Muslims had nothing to do with religion, because she does not regard a group who are commanded to MURDER anybody who does not believe the exact same way they do IS a religion, and she is right. Islam is a political organization PRETENDING to be a religion so they could criticize this good woman for attempting to protect herself, and her customers, from people who are COMMANDED, by their “Bible,” the Koran, to MURDER “unbelievers. She rightly knows that, since she has no way of separating Muslims who don’t know what’s in their Koran from those who are ardently dedicated to killing unbelievers, she has decided to simply keep them ALL out of her gun range and not provide them with guns and ammunition, lest they turn those guns and ammunition on her and her customers.

The Constitution protects REAL religions from the GOVERNMENT, not from her. Of course, the Muslims, and their friends, the liberals, are complaining. But I never worry about what liberals think. To me, they just don’t count. Muslims, either. Muslims have MURDERED more than 270 MILLION people since their beginning. ALL Muslims are not terrorists, but in recent years, all TERRORISTS have been Muslims ATF gives her the right to choose who she allows in her establishment, and to exclude those she views as a danger. She views Muslims as a danger and has the RIGHT to exclude them, liberal opinion notwithstanding. (Guns ‘n’ Freedom)

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