Tuesday, October 14, 2014

FBI's False Report

It really disturbs me to see the premier law enforcement agency in this country used to promote a political agenda of the president with a LYING report. That happened recently when the FBI released a report that attempted to show that mass shootings have INCREASED in this country, when they have DECREASED. Many of the “cases” cited did not involve a “mass shooting” at all, but involved a “person with a gun” who shot NOBODY or a single murder. Three-quarters of their “cases” were from the EARLY findings, which is calculated to show a higher number than it would of it included the LATER numbers. One of the things they did was change the DEFINITION of a “mass shooting” to include shootings of just THREE people, down from the definition that required the shooting of FOUR people. Again GUARANTEEING a higher number. This is how the government (especially Obama’s government”) PADS its figures to show what they WANT to show, whether true or not. (New York Post)

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