Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"So Was Slavery"

Operative word, “was.” Liberals try and get around the constitutional protections against laws limiting our right to have the means to self-defense, a gun, by saying, “Even though gun ownership is in the Constitution, so was slavery, and it was wrong.” That intimates that gun rights are wrong, too. What it ignores is the Amendment about slavery was NOT in the original Constitution, but was added by slave-owning favoring Justices just as the one making abortion legal wad added by Justices who thought mothers ought to be able to MURDER their mistakes, and, was properly removed later(The one on murdering babies is still there). The prohibition against making ANY LAWS against individual gun ownership was in the ORIGINAL Constitution, and was RIGHT UP TOP on rights REGOGNIZED (not “granted”) by the Constitution. The Second Amendment is NOT “wrong,” as WAS the one temporarily making slavery “legal.” It will NOT be repealed, unless anti-gun fools get control in the future. And if they do, I’ll be shooting some of them, myself. (News Busters)

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