Monday, October 13, 2014

Complete, Utter, Damned Fool!

At least one DC lawmaker wants to disarm DC police. Councilman David Grosso says his staff doesn’t want him to tell you he’d like to disarm the cops in DC, so he didn’t. And he assures us he has “no plans” to try. But the way he said it tells me he does, and he does plan to try it. How he thinks they’ll be able to handle crooks, who will have no such limitations on them, I don’t know. He says he’s just trying to “have a conversation beyond the knee-jerk reactions we have today.” But that sounds a LOT like a “knee-jerk” to me. He thinks the cops should be able to effectively handle armed crooks without being armed, themselves. He cites “other countries” for being able to do that, but fails to mention it didn’t work, and the cops in those countries are now armed, though not so obviously as our own cops. As long as we have such utter, damned fools in places where they can make their “flights of fancy” into law, we are in mortal danger. Watch for one or more damned fools in your own area to try it. (Bearing Arms)

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