Sunday, October 5, 2014

Background Checks Sure Work

Don’t they? Then how come cops found a convicted felon in a tent in Washington State, in possession of SEVERAL guns? If he is a KNOWN felon, there’s NO WAY he could pass a background check, right? So how did he get those guns? You mean background checks don’t keep felons from getting guns? That all he has to do is find another criminal willing to sell them to him, or go out and STEAL them? You mean a felon would actually STEAL something? Horrors! (Irony meter now turned off) Anti-gun fools still cling to their belief that background checks, like most of their “solutions” to gun violence, will work, in spite of all the convincing evidence otherwise. Maybe one day they will “get wise,” but I doubt it. They get together every once in a while and take stupid pills. (KOMO News)

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