Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gun Control Anyway

The latest Muslim terrorist attack was not carried out using a gun. The assailant used his truck and a butcher knife. And he was very inept, at that. Had he been less incompetent, there could have been many dead at this university, which, like all schools in the United States, is a "gun-free zone." Which does NOTHING to stop fools like this Somali "refugee" from coming in and trying to kill people, at the suggestion of damned fool outfits like ISIS. The only gun involved was in the hands of the cop who shot and killed him before he could kill anybody. But the anti-gun FOOLS are still using this incident to promote "gun control," which is short-sighted, at best, and MURDEROUS, at worst, because it makes these students "easy targets" for Islamic terrorists, or any other kind of crazy. Authorities are recommending more armed security, which is okay, but uniformed security is easily disposed of before any killing even begins.

They also recommend "concealed carry" among university personnel, which is the best idea, yet. If a would-be mass shooter doesn't know who, among bystanders and potential victims is armed, it is HE who will be an "easy target" before he can kill anybody. But the anti-gun fools will not hear of it. They think that if random people are legally armed, there will be "blood bath," as they go about shooting each other over trifles, which shows their abject stupidity. There are only going to be more and more such attacks as the plans of ISIS and other Islamic terrorist outfits materialize. If we don't stop keeping law-abiding people disarmed, more and more will die, and the anti-gun fools will have their blood on their hands. 99% of such attacks occur in "gun-free zones," as potential shooters SELECT them for their outrages. (Bearing Arms)

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