Sunday, November 27, 2016

Through Liberal Tears

Americans are "lining up round the block" at gun stores in many places, buying guns and gun accessories for their Christmas lists. But they've got to be careful and not slip on the "liberal tears" that are shed by liberals looking at those lines. They just hate the idea of law-abiding people having guns to defend themselves against all the ILLEGAL guns out there that are being used to victimize them. They still think law-abiding people will "go crazy" and have shootouts over fender benders, or something else trivial. They just don't think we have enough self control to be able to keep our guns in our pockets unless there's a REAL reason to take it out. They're probably going by themselves. They're pretty sure THEY won't be able to control themselves if they had guns, so they think we won't, either. They blame many things--except the real thing-- for the increase in gun sales so they won't have to take responsibility for the USELESSNESS of the "gun laws" they pass to do anything except make it EASIER for criminals, crazies, and terrorists to victimize us with their ILLEGAL guns. (Breitbart)

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