Thursday, November 3, 2016

Invoking Trevon Martin

Hillary Clinton says, “I want to protect Americans from the epidemic of gun violence that is stalking our country.” And she mentioned Trevon Martin as if his death was not a “righteous shooting” by a man whose head he was banging against the sidewalk, trying to kill him. But there IS no “epidemic of gun violence!” Gun violence is at its lowest ebb EVER ( by government figures). Like most anti-gun fools, she uses false figures to make uninformed people BELIEVE there is an “epidemic of gun violence” so she can do more to disarm Americans so she and her liberal pals can better victimize them. It really amazes me how people like her can continue a LIE, even after it has been DISPROVED many times. They just keep repeating the lie, over and over. And uninformed people who never heard the refutation of the lie believe them. (Washington Examiner)

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