Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Deluded Gun Grabbers

There's a new "study" out, "affirming" that anti-gun laws WORK, in spite of indisputable evidence that they DON'T. These "findings," were put out by JAMA Internal Medicine, an agency that knows NOTHING about guns, or gun control, except what they've been told by anti-gun fools, just as if those "studies" actually meant something other than the pipe dreams of fools. Just one city (Chicago) among many (LA, NYC, and many others) with TIGHT gun laws and exceedingly high gun death rates DISPROVES this "research," but they ignore that in their efforts to help the anti-gun fools DISARM the populace. They decry Congress essentially PROHIBITING research into "gun violence" by medical sources, even though "gun violence" is NOT a "medical issue." Those who claim it is are self-deluded. They say, "Stricter gun laws are associated with fewer gun deaths," which is a patent LIE. They also refer to such laws as Florida's "stand your ground law" as producing more homicides--which ALSO is a lie. Their conclusion? That eliminating all guns will mean no more murders. Talk about self-delusion! These people just can't face reality, just as those fools who promote global warming can't. (Popular Science)

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