Tuesday, November 1, 2016

"Murderers Don't Obey Gun Laws"

They needed a “study” to discover that? Damn! A Texas radio station, ABC 13, sent a questionnaire to all gun murderers asking this: “How did you get your gun? What did you pay?, and “How often, if ever, did you go through a background check? 90% got it illegally. 90% were ineligible to have a gun, due to past crimes. And 100% carried concealed despite not having a CCW Permit. Surprise, surprise! They violated the law when they set out to MURDER someone! It’s amazing! They found that these murderers had no intention of following the law! Isn’t that what criminals DO? It amazes me how STUPID some of the “studies” people do are! What did they expect from a murderer! That he followed the law while getting his gun? (America’s First Freedom)

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