Friday, November 4, 2016

Stupid Crack of the Day

Gabby Giffords must have gotten her brain scrambled good when that jerk shot her in that parking lot. The other day she said, “Background checks are not required of felons.” Np kiddin’ Gabby! Maybe that’s because they aren’t supposed to HAVE guns—period. But they always seem to have them when they want to victimize honest, law-abiding people. How do you do a background check on somebody who has an ILLEGAL gun, as most criminals do? So what’s your point, Gabby? You want to make a law REQUIRING felons to get background checks? How do you intend to enforce it? Most felons DO have extensive background checks. They’re called, “records.” Which is why your laws don’t allow them to have guns—which does NOTHING to keep them from HAVING the guns they use to victimize us, while, as law-abiding people, we OBEY your stupid laws, and are DEFENSELESS against those felons because of it.

She even gets Hillary wrong when she tells us she’s stupid enough to vote for her. She calls her a former U. S. Representative. She is NOT, and never has been. She has been a senator. The Democrats bought that for her. She has been Secretary of State, Obama gave that to her to keep her mouth shut. She failed miserably at both, although she played it for all it was worth to solicit bribes through her "foundation.". And she has been “First Lady,” for which she did nothing except be married to the fool who was president, and stayed married to him through all his sexcapades, even DEFENDING him by “demonizing” the women he screwed, even the one(s) he RAPED!. I’ve never seen a SANE woman do that. Giffords says current law ALLOWS felons to get guns without background checks. Nothing could be further from the truth! Felons aren’t “ALLOWED” to have guns, PERIOD! So they get them ILLEGALLY, and “skip” the background check. She criticizes Sheriff Arpaio for wanting to enforce the law Obama wants to ignore. Talk about STUPIDITY! (Just common sense)

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