Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gun Laws Have Failed

And failed badly. There's one thing that bothers me no end. That is the fact that every "gun law" they've made, so far, has failed miserably to do what it's supposed to do, and, in fact, does just the opposite. It DISARMS honest, law-abiding people and makes it easier for Illegally-armed criminals to victimize them. But they keep on making them. Some of them ADMIT their laws are USELESS, but continue to make them, anyway. "Gun-free zones," for instance. Criminals SEEK OUT gun-free zones in which to do mass killings because they KNOW there probably will be no one there with a gun, to oppose them. Law-abiding people aren't too smart, I guess. They OBEY their stupid laws, KNOWING they don't work, and in fact, put them in more danger. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel tells illegal aliens "You're safe in Chicago," completely ignoring the fact that NOBODY is safe in Chicago, with all its "tight gun laws." You're more likely to be killed by a "stray bullet" in Chicago than in any "war zone." In fact, Chicago IS a"war zone. (Just common sense)

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