Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happens Every Day

I could write about concealed carriers stopping crime every day, if I wanted to, because it HAPPENS every day, somewhere--putting the LIE to the anti-gun fools' assurances that concealed carriers CANNOT do anything about crime. This one is slightly different, in that it doesn't involve a gun in the hand of an attacker. In this one, a man came into a small convenience store in Sherman, TX, and tried to kill the clerk with a machete. He was routed by the clerk, who was a concealed carrier, and shot him. He was last seen by the clerk, "running for the hills." He was later found in a hospital with the clerk's bullets in him, and arrested. Thus proving AGAIN that what we say is true. Armed Americans CAN stop crime in their little world, or elsewhere. They slam the whole idea of honest people being armed in self defense in Chicago (and elsewhere), citing how many ILLEGAL guns are out there. They disregard the idea of an honest person being ABLE to defend himself against those illegal guns, which is short-sighted, at best--STUPID, at worst. (Sherman Herald-Democrat)

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