Thursday, December 1, 2016

"Call NRA'S Bluff"

"Enforce gun laws!" Which shows the New York Daily News' complete IGNORANCE of what they write about. Can it be they don't know that this is just what the NRA WANTS? Not those laws that do NOTHING about "gun violence" committed by criminals and other malcontents who don't OBEY laws, but the ones that might DO something if enforced. Like those that add significant time to a felon's prison sentence if he uses a gun in his crime? Such laws are commonly "waived" as a "bargaining chip" to get convictions in other crimes. A commonly LAZY way to enforce the law. Laws need to be made to PROHIBIT waving those charges to gain other convictions. But today's anti-gun fools commonly aren't able to perceive such simple things. They like making legally-owned guns UNUSABLE by honest people when faced with a criminal or Islamic terrorist with an ILLEGAL gun. They like making laws to create "gun-free zones," that criminals IGNORE and even SEEK OUT, in which to commit their "gun crimes." (NY Daily News)

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