Friday, November 18, 2016

It Happened Again!

The anti-gun fools keep saying that people with legally-carried guns can never do anything to stop crimes from occurring, in spite of regular evidence that they do, on a regular basis. Just yesterday I wrote about a "concealed carrier" who rescued a cop who was being beaten, maybe to death, at the end of a chase, by shooting the attacker. And today, I'm writing about a "concealed carrier" who saw a man stabbing TWO people at an apartment building, got the drop on the stabber, and held him for the cops. What's it going to be tomorrow (or even later today)? Somebody shooting a liquor store robber? Or an old man killing a burglar in his home because the burglar was attacking him, or his wife? It happens, all the time. The anti-gun fools deny it--and they're LYING--or STUPID.. (The Courier)

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