Friday, November 4, 2016

Oh, Poor Babies!

The Brady Campagn is whining about the current record level of gun sales. Boo-hoo! They’re trying to iintimate that it’s linked to potential election violence. MYBE HE OUGHT TO ASK HIS Democrat (liberal) friends, since they’re the only ones fomenting (and even PAYING for) violence, so they can blame it on Trump supporters) They predict much gun violence during the election, and a “wild West a6mosphere. Somehow they ignore the fact that, as legal gun sales soar, gun violence drops like a stone. They don’t susprct, in their ignorance, that the real cause of the soaring gun sales is the fear that a new Clinton administration would CRUSH their gun rights, and they want to have their guns already, so they can hide them from government confiscators. (America’s First Freedom)

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