Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ols Man With Gun

Two ILLEGALLY armed thugs thought robbing this 73-year-old man would be easy. How much trouble could an “old geezer” be to a couple of young, ARMED hoodlums? Quite a bit, as it turns out. They’re both dead, having been shot to death by that “old geezer” after they put a gun to his head and demanded his truck. One of the thugs’ guns was found to be stolen (surprise, surprise!). The killings were ruled “justifiable homicide.” And no charges will be filed against this “old geezer.” (I can use that term, because I’m an “old geezer,” myself). It’s interesting to note that one of the dead thugs was from Ferguson, MO. I guess he didn’t learn anything from Michael Brown’s death. The “old geezer: said he would rather have done anything besides killing those two young men. He’s “devastated” over it. He’s described as a “very nice man” by his neighbors. One who uses his snow blower to clear a neighbor’s porch, and “takes care of” a blind man in the neighborhood. (Daily Wire)

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