Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Elite Law Enforcement Agency"

That's what the Secret Service is supposed to be, right? Then how did they "lose, or have STOLEN so many guns, laptops, badges, and even CARS? The DHS is in trouble for the same thing. "Once in a while" reports of SS or DHS losing various items do not even begin to show the real picture, and it took a LONG TIME for them to answer a FOIA request about this "problem." So I guess one of the biggest suppliers of guns to criminals, is the federal government, whether they like it, or not. The anti-gun fools say that, "Only the cops should have guns." But apparently, they're so careless with them, they're a BIG HELP to the criminals who want to get guns ILLEGALLY. Yeah, I know--they're not "regular cops." But they're in the same category, and are supposed to be BETTER than your average cop. Hmmmmm....I wonder how many guns the COPS lose to thieves? (Daily Caller)

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