Saturday, November 26, 2016

Total Stupidity

That's what you get when you elect liberals to office. Stupid liberals are in the minority, you say? Then why is it that, where liberals "rule," you have tight gun laws, combined with high gun crime rates? And politicians who will not listen to those who tell them their laws are USELESS, with the proof staring them in the face? Then you have the politicians who take it way too far. Like the ones in Baltimore who want to ban TOY guns. Of course, toy guns aren't protected in the Constitution, so they can get away with that stupidity. But what danger are TOY guns? That's easy. Letting little children have toy guns is against their policy of keeping ALL knowledge about guns away from children. They think that's how you keep kids from killing themselves and others through ignorance and curiosity. As long as we (not me) keep electing these ignoramuses, we'll get such stupid laws, and be forced to OBEY them, if we're law-abiding people, that is. (Fox News)

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