Wednesday, November 23, 2016

It Can't Happen, Huh?

The anti-gun fools keep telling us private citizens with carry permits CAN'T do any good when trying to stop "gun violence. Right! I count THREE instances of that happening just today! How's that workin' for ya, guys? They have no confidence in the intelligence of honest, law abiding people to own and carry their own guns without getting into gunfights over something trivial, something owners of ILLEGAL guns do, on a regular basis. They keep making laws that disarm honest people, and making them "easy targets" for the ILLEGALLY armed criminals, who LOVE those gun laws. Because they KNOW a disarmed potential victim can't shoot back and maybe kill them. But they'll keep on spouting that nonsense, no matter how many times FACTS get in the way. (WBRC Fox 6 News)

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