Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Again Chicagp!

It seems like I'm always writing about Chicago. With all their "so tight" gun laws, there shouldn't be anything to write about for a pro-gun blog, except to extol the success of those laws. IF their gun laws worked. They don't, but the liberals running that city will not recognize that fact. They won't even listen when you say it. Again, notwithstanding their tight gun laws, 4,000 people have been gunshot victims in Chicago, in just ONE year (2016). If that fact doesn't tell them anything, they're STUPID! The mayor there used to be Obama's chief of staff, which should tell you a lot about him--AND Obama. Meanwhile, thousands of people are being shot and hundreds dying every year in this "tight gun law" city. Likewise, in every other city run by gun-hating (except for themselves) liberals, just maybe not quite so much. I, and many other people keep calling their attention to this fact, but they ignore us, which gets more and more people killed, while they criticize us for trying to bring reason and logic to the argument. (Breitbart)

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