Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This Is How They Do It

Use the law to suit themselves. A Massachusetts resident, who is now the New Hampshire governor, is getting ready to run for Senator. She is originally from New York. Apparently to this anti-gun fool, it doesn't matter where she lives, as long as she can get elected. She's a Democrat, of course. She can't understand why New Hampshire has such a low crime rate. Maybe the high rate of incarceration for minorities might have something to do with it. Like most liberals, she doesn't recognize that the cops have CAUGHT more “minorities” committing crimes than others. She thinks the cops go out and HUNT minorities to frame. Maybe the high number of minorities in prison has something to do with it. Something she abhors, even while that keeps the crime rate low. But the point here is where she lives while being the governor in New Hampshire. I don't know what state she plans to run for senator from. Probably Mississippi. (Weapons Man)

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