Sunday, February 21, 2016

They're Never Satisfied

Gabby Giffords, the former Congress member who was shot in the face and survived, to be a major spokesman for the liberal idea of “gun control” wants stiffer background checks, even though the says they are not enough. She says we need MORE gun control. Never mind the liberal kind of “gun control” has never worked to reduce gun violence. They have only served to INCREASE it. Criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists usually don't get their guns legally, so they're not constrained by ANY “gun laws.” What WILL slow them down is EVERYBODY being legally armed, so when they go out to commit their atrocities, there will likely be an armed person there to kill them before they can kill a lot of people. But our STUPID politicians will never know this. They think if more honest people have guns, they will “go crazy” and shoot up the landscape on the slightest provocation, as owners of ILLEGAL guns do now. And we (not me) keep electing these fools. (Breitbart)

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