Saturday, February 27, 2016

Suspicions Confirmed

Anti-gun fools always tell you that law-abiding people carrying guns can do nothing to stop a mass shooter. One problem with that. They do it, all the time. But anti-gun fools will not accept that, and refuse to acknowledge it. They always refuse to acknowledge the truth that happens before their eyes. And they will poo-poo this, too. Mass shooters CHOOSE places where they can expect there to be no guns there to oppose them so they can kill as many as possible before a “good guy with a gun” shows up and kills them. In this case, the (Jihadist fool) shooter said, without hesitation, that he CHOSE a church “because people don't usually bring guns to church." But he was wrong this time, and he paid dearly for it. What he didn't know is he was conversing on the Internet with an FBI agent, who got enough evidence from HIM to put him away for a long time He TOLD the agent he CHOSE a church BECAUSE people “aren't allowed to carry guns there.” Of course, he planned to carry HIS gun into a church, proving what I've said, all along: “bad guys don't obey laws.” They LAUGH at them. Still, it took a speeding stop with a local cop finding his gun to get him arrested. (Click On Detroit)

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