Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It's Coming, Folks

In Israel and Lebanon, Islamic terrorists are hiding munitions (guns, rockets, and such) in private homes and apartments to support their actions against Israel and, hopefully for them, make Israel hesitant to attack those arms caches for fear of killing civilians. Do you think they’re not doing the same thing here? Yes, we haven’t had many incidents of Islamic terrorists “doing their thing” in America. But never think they are not quietly preparing for some actions in the future. This is yet another reason for every American to be armed, so we can “take them out.” My favorite picture is an Israeli woman standing over a turbaned terrorist pumping bullets into what passes for a brain in his head. Yes, small guns might not be able to repulse a concerted, well-armed Islamic terrorist attack, but most of their attacks are on “soft targets” where they don’t expect any opposition. You need to BE that opposition whenever it is needed. (The Blaze)

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