Monday, February 29, 2016

Armed Security At Oscars

They gave out the Oscars under heavy armed security the other day. Guys carrying automatic weapons were seen walking around, and undercover armed men were everywhere. If somebody had started anything, he would have resembled Swiss cheese in about a second. But the stars, as usual, made it a point to make their brays in favor of “gun control.” Their idea of gun control, that is. Like most anti-gun politicians, they spew their anti-gun propaganda while hiding behind a WALL of gun-toting agents, to make sure THEY'RE safe. Anti-gun fools in the Congress mostly do, as well. They can afford to HIRE gun-toting security, while most people can't. They think, because THEY don't need to carry guns, WE don't either. It's the typical kind of fool thinking that makes most damned fool liberals tick. Sen. Diane Feinstein, for instance, who has been responsible for much of the USELESS “gun control” legislation, in ADDITION to her “army” of armed thugs, CARRIES HER OWN GUN. This is the woman who swung an automatic weapon around the room with her finger on the trigger to show how much she knew about guns, to the consternation of all assembled, who feared for their lives. (Bearing Arms)

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