Monday, February 22, 2016

Gun Control Kills!

How do schools protect your children? How DO they plan on protecting them? Disarm ALL the honest, law-abiding Americans? Make schools one of the best-known “gun-free zones,” so that people who want to kill your lids can be pretty sure there will be no guns there, in the hands of people they don't know about, so they can't “target” them FIRST, before killing anybody else? Ignore all the criminals, crazies, and even Islamic terrorists, who like to kill at random to “make a statement?” What statement killing defenseless children makes is a mystery to me, but that's what they like to do. They ALWAYS look for “soft targets” where they won't meet any real opposition until after they've killed a bunch of people. They're stupid enough to not worry about being killed, but that's AFTER they've killed as many innocent people as possible, first. And there's NO “softer target” than a school full of defenseless children and some UNARMED teachers, janitors, and social workers. The “gun control” crowd don't want “gun control.” They just want CONTROL. They don't care that their laws KILL people every day. They insist on continuing to make them, and will not listen when people suggest arming non-uniformed people the potential shooters cannot know about (like teachers and janitors), so they can kill them before they can kill more people. They think that's a “horrible idea,” completely dismissing the FACT that their usual laws ARE a “horrible idea” that kills people, every day. (Just common sense)

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