Sunday, February 28, 2016

Shooting Himself In the Foot

That's what former NY Mayor Bloomberg did when he made the comment that “We expected more of Governor McAuliffe” when McAuliffe signed the deal to re-recognize out-of-state carry permits in return for a few inconsequential things. A “face-saving move” after he realized something Bloomberg will NEVER recognize; the breadth and depth of the support the NRA has, and which he does NOT have. Bloomberg is fighting AGAINST the American people's will to be able to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals of all sorts. He's now beginning to spend millions, maybe even BILLIONS in a futile quest to get elected president, against a “force of nature” like Donald Trump. He doesn't know he's a LOSER at the beginning, and until he has lost completely, he still won't realize it. he'll blame someone else for his troubles, as all good Democrats do. (Shall Not Be Infringed)

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