Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lying to You again

Anti gun fools are lying to you, again. They tell you that 90% of Americans want more “gun control.” While reality tells you otherwise. Meanwhile, so many people (at least in Idaho) are trying to buy guns, that gun dealers are having trouble keeping guns in stock. The people responsible for issuing “carry permits” are so far behind because of the demand, that they may never catch up. Many people have listened to Obama's pronouncements about how he is going to “go illegal” to suppress gun ownership, and they want to have their guns before that. Others simply want to be able to defend themselves against ILLEGALLY-armed criminals, crazies, government agents, and Islamic terrorists. You know: the ones (hundreds of thousands) Obama insists on bringing here to kill us, even paying their way. People who have demonstrated what they plan for us by raping women (and men, AND children) in Europe, harassing truck drivers on the road, and generally making as much trouble as they can. Anybody who doubts they want to make as much trouble as they can is an IMBECILE. (The Right to Bear)

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