Friday, February 19, 2016

The "Line in the Sand"

If ever there was a “line in the sand” for gun owners and those who wish to be gun owners, it is the effort to stop Obama from appointing another “wild-haired liberal” to the supreme Court. If he succeeds, you can forget about your gun rights, now GUARANTEED by the Constitution. If liberals gain complete control of the Supreme Court, just think about how they can TWIST the meaning of what the Constitution says, to suit themselves. Think about Roe v. Wade, which is responsible for the deaths of MILLIONS of defenseless BABIES! And that was in a court that was not totally controlled by liberals! All they would have to do is “demonize” the Second Amendment and move to delete it from the Constitution. And if they had the majority, it would be easy. And your right to legally own and carry a gun for self defense would be GONE. While criminals, who don't OBEY laws, would still have their guns. You would be as defenseless as were those millions of BABIES. So now is the time to “get serious” about PREVENTING Obama from his determination to appoint HIS kind of Justice to replace the Justice who was a “good friend” of gun rights. (Daily Caller)

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