Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Restraining Order Saves Her

Actually, no. She shot and killed her ex-boyfriend, with whom she had several children, when he climbed in a back window and “came at her.” She had a restraining order out against him, since there had been several instances of spousal abuse between them in the past. Obviously, it was “just a piece of paper,” to him. But her gun wasn't. She shot and killed him so he could not hurt her any more. This is the fallacy of restraining orders. They do NOTHING to stop people who really want to hurt somebody from doing it. They DO affect the life of those they are against, and they are given out like candy bars. People under them cannot buy guns, nor can they do other things. Just having had one against you in the past goes on your “permanent record” and serves as a hindrance to you for the rest of your life, whether based on truth, or not. (Tulsa World)

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