Monday, February 1, 2016

It's A Lie, As Usual

Anti-gun fools always say that concealed carry will not make any difference in the fight against armed criminals, and the answer is to get rid of guns, altogether. Here is yet another instance of a man who was legally armed, saving a cop's life instead of running away, as many people would do. And it puts the LIE to their contention. He saw a cop fighting with a criminal and getting the worst of it. He saw the thug reaching for the cop's gun, with which he most likely would have killed the cop. Cops today feel alone in such situations because of the liberal media effort to poison people's opinion of cops Not in this case. This retired Marine, who has faced death before in TWO deployments, rushed to help this cop. The thug ran off, and was later captured. This cop was grateful for his help, and calls him a hero. He was every bit of that, just because of his two deployments, even before he leaped in to save this cop's life. He doesn't think so. (Bearing Arms)

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