Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Not A Surprise

Chicago just announced that homicides are up. Again. A new record! Which is not a surprise, with their really tight gun laws that keep everybody BUT the criminals unarmed. It's like a FORMULA for lots of killing by criminals, who don't obey laws. You'd think a “smart guy,” like Rahm would learn his lesson and let more HONEST people buy and carry guns. The murder rate would go down fast after that, although the HOMICIDE rate would go up for a while, as honest people kill the criminals who come to victimize them. Then THAT would go down, too, after a while. But don't expect Rahm to “get smart” any time soon. He's not really a “smart guy,” he's an Obama Democrat, after all. He just wants to disarm honest people so the illegally armed criminals will have it all their way. (Mail News)

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