Thursday, February 18, 2016

How California Operates

I remember in '69, when I was marketing tear gas guns, how the California gun law read, that made no sense at all, but was wide enough to encompass ANY possible item that MIGHT hurt somebody. It read, (paraphrased) “Anything that can be projected at a person in such a way as to injure him” was considered a weapon under that law, and was thus requiring a permit and to be registered. Under that law, my FISTS were a weapon and a license was required, and so was registration. I don't know if it reads the same today, but what I know about the RECENT gun laws disturbs me greatly. Under current law, ANY chunk of metal that COULD become a gun is required to be registered and licensed. Like a famous artist once said, “A gun is hiding in that block of metal, just waiting for somebody to carve it out.” I always thought that previous gun law was insane and stupid, but this one tops it. (Gun Free Zone)

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