Wednesday, February 3, 2016

No Guns, Still Murders

What the anti-gun fools will not tell you is that if guns suddenly didn't exist, those who want to kill will still find a way. Back when the “weapon of choice” was a sword, guess what? Everybody who wanted to kill, as well as those whom they wanted to kill carried swords. Enter, “sword fighting.” People were still murdered. Back in the cave-man days when there were no swords OR guns, the “weapon of choice” was a club. So everybody carried a club, and there was no “anti-club movement.” Murders still happened. Anti-gun fools are convinced that, without guns, murder rates would go down. But just the opposite is true. The more guns out there, the less murders. The number of HOMICIDES would increase, for a while, as law-abiding people with guns killed criminals who had ILLEGAL guns and tried to victimize them. After the number of armed criminals thus were reduced, homicides would also go down. As the chart linked below shows, violence has been steadily going down recently. The anti-gunners won't tell you about that, because it's mostly because a majority of states have passed “shall carry” laws and many more honest people are armed, making life difficult for ILLEGALLY-armed criminals. (Info Wars)

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