Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Logical Message

Members of strange-named bands are usually very liberal. And I'd bet Jesse Hughes, front man for Eagles of Death Metal band is as liberal as are most of them. But on one issue he is “conservative,” or ruled by common sense. He recently said, “Until nobody has guns, EVERYBODY has to have them.” That's something liberal gun-grabbers will never learn, and they're mightily pissed.. It's a simple thing, but liberals aren't intelligent enough to realize that DISARMING yourself is NO WAY to defend yourself against the ILLEGAL gun-wielding criminals or terrorists who are bound to accost you at some point in your life. As long as Obama and his fools keep making laws and “regulations” to LIMIT our right to bear arms in direct OPPOSITION to the Second Amendment, armed criminals will successfully rob and kill us, since, when unarmed, we ARE “easy targets.” He survived the Paris massacre, so he ought to know. We (not me) need to stop electing gun-haters to office. Which is easy, if we pay attention. Gun-haters are usually wrong on all the other things they push, too. (Twitchy)

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