Sunday, December 18, 2016

Making Us Defenseless

They will vehemently deny it, but anti-gun fools have only one purpose in their INSANE laws. They're all designed to make Americans DEFENSELESS against all the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and now Islamic terrorists, who have PROMISED to kill everybody who won't "convert" to their phony "religion." They always give us good-sounding reasons for their foolishness, but the laws they promote (and get passed by fool legislators) tell the tale. Gun safes, for example. And gun locks. And "Gun-free ones" where only law-abiding people don't bring their guns, while people who don't obey laws bring theirs, and have no trouble victimizing the people who DO obey the law and are thus DEFENSELESS. (Just common sense)

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