Thursday, December 15, 2016

"Smith And Wimpson"

Smith and Wesson is trying to "distance itself" from what made it famous, and earned it a lot of money: making guns, by changing its name. They're going to call themselves "American Outdoor Brands, a "generic-sounding" name that looks like a sporting goods maker. Firearms sales are at an all-time high, but legal gun owners are a small percentage of total Americans. Meaning legal gun owners own more than one gun. People buy guns now because they're worried about future limitations on gun purchases. But with Trump's election, they have less to worry about, today. That doesn't mean that anti-gun fools already safely in office for a while yet, won't continue their efforts to make us DEFENSELESS against the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists. (Quartz)

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