Monday, December 5, 2016

Gun-Hater As DNC Chair

Will the Democrats appoint a gun-hater as DNC chair? Why not? Gun hatred is one of the basic points in their platform, and always has been. Kieth Ellison has been mentioned prominently as a prospect, and he not only wants to do away with guns, he wants to do away with the Second Amendment, too. And he is a "militant Muslim" with ties to the Islamic terrorists. His thinking is entirely opposed to that of the "average American, as with most Muslims, who are taught that there is ONE SOURCE for them to place their trust in first, and that's Allah. Any oath they take otherwise is a SHAM, and meant only to fool us into thinking they don't think that way. Ellison has taken the oath to become a member of Congress, but he meant not a word of it. If he did, that would be "anti-Muslim," and he is anything but that. It's an "article of faith" with them. He must have lied a lot to even get elected to that office. Trying to keep Muslims out of our government is not bigotry, it's COMMON SENSE. Their very THINKING is against everything that represents our way of life. If they get in office, they will try to change the way we live, and we don't want that. Not for MINUTE. (America's First Freedom)

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