Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fighting A Losing Battle

Former NYC mayor Bloomberg has spent MILLIONS to take away our constitutionally guaranteed right to own and use guns for self defense, or for whatever other legal purpose we deem necessary, and has little to show for it. He has filed many suits in his quest, and has lost most of them. He has supported anti-gun laws all over, and lost most of those fights, too. Lately, he has had two campaigns about background checks going. He won one by a VERY narrow margin by outspending his opponents by a six to one margin (Maine) and lost the other (Nevada) by outspending his opponents by a margin of THREE to one, which didn't do him much good, after spending $20 million in his quest. Maybe one day he'll begin to understand that his quest is an impossible one, because most of America is against it. But I doubt it. He'll probably go to his grave still fighting to violate our constitutional rights. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

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