Sunday, December 18, 2016

Guns In the Dorm

Wichita parents are "Raising concerns" about "guns in the dorm" at their children's colleges. And they are right to do so, but their target is (as usual) wrong. It is the LEGAL guns they oppose, IGNORING the fact that there are ALREADY "guns in the dorm," ILLEGALLY. They completely IGNORE that factor. It doesn't even enter into their thinking. And that will get some of their kids KILLED. Frankly, they'd better get their thinking looking in the right direction and start SUPPORTING the current movement to arm school staff, who don't wear uniforms that IDENTIFY them to potential shooters, so they can be "dispensed with" before any other shooting begins. The mere PRESENCE of guns on campus does NOT pose a danger to students. It is the hands those guns are IN that might. And that is what they never consider. (KSNT)

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