Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Not About Gun Crime

It never has been. It's about DISARMING the American people and making them easier to oppress. The very "gun laws" they make show it. What those laws accomplish is, simply, to make it IMPOSSIBLE to get the guns we already OWN into action fast enough to defend ourselves against the "bad guys," who IGNORE such restrictions as gun locks, trigger locks, gun safes, and even "gun-free zones." In fact, gun free zones are where almost ALL mass shootings have occurred. Another factor is Obama's pardons. If he REALLY wanted to "to reduce gun crime," he wouldn't be pardoning so many criminals in prison for using a gun to victimize people. In one state, it is easy to get a "carry permit." But the gun carried must be UNLOADED! Tell me: what the hell good is an UNLOADED gun? Will the illegally armed criminal wait patiently while we load our guns? How STUPID is that law? But that is the caliber of "gun laws" the anti-gun fools make. (Bullets First)

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