Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kasich Okays "Campus Carry"

Governor John Kasich has done a lot of stupid things. Like thinking first, that he had a chance to be elected president against the "steamroller" of Donald Trump. And then refusing to face reality as he lost, time and time again, in the primaries, to refusing, again, to face reality after Trump won the nomination. But the other day, he did something right. We've been saying, for a long time, that allowing staff, and in some places, STUDENTS to be armed on campus, was the best way to keep potential mass shooters away from campus. That uniformed "security officers" don't work, because potential shooters KNOW they're armed, and can isolate and "dispense with them" early, before any other killing starts. But not knowing who might be armed is the STRONGEST way to discourage them. Kasich now realizes that, and that's why he didn't veto the "campus carry" bill in Ohio. By doing so, there's no way of knowing how many lives he saved. (Breitbart)

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